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Our Shetland Mural



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Weather in Canterbury

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You know you’re from Canterbury when….

Rain, wind, sun, snow, earthquakes, we are more than four seasons in one day we are any season on any given day.  Today has been hot and nor westery what are we in for next time?



Farming is a funny thing.  It’s possibly the oldest profession in the world, ever since we stopped being hunter gatherers, but some people insist that their way of farming is best, and other ways are wrong.


Warning:  The following statements are opinion only and may contain gross exaggerations

Farming is a funny thing.  It’s a bit like childcare, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it wrong, or should be using the same techniques that they use.  With horses this is even demonstrated.  The “natural horsemanship” camp believe covers and shoeing are cruel mechanisms over mans control of beast while the racing fraternity believe a pet horse is a lazy undisciplined horse.  Why must everything be so extreme?  Why must it be feed your cattle at 8am every morning for optimal weight gain?  Why must it be if the sheep doesn’t respond whack it with a stick so it can go on a big rattley scary truck of to the works?

Genetic diversity versus genetic modification.  We as humans are so arrogant and as the world reaches critical mass farming procedures may go back to being one of the most important fundamental jobs there is.  Money versus ecology, cruelty versus laziness… I am confused.  Why must paddocks be replaced with barns, grass with palm kernel?  Why must organic farming be an expensive hobby of the rich hippy type?  When did farming become such a science and not a way of life?  Can we not all work in the best interests of the farm we live on and the stock that dwell on it?  Surely if this was the priority instead of money and greed there would be enough to go around, as each farm would be run as sustainably as possible and the larger the farm the more sustainable options are available…  The world is running out of food, is making farming less about the farm really where we want it to go?  I think NZ is in a truly unique place as an island to make every farm sustainable and healthy both for humans and the animals.  Even when the rest of the world goes to hell in a handbasket we can sit back with a piece of steak and a glass of milk, pat our horse, and wonder where everyone else all went wrong.  Or is that just me?